Writing B2B Blog Posts Shouldn't Be That Hard… or Time-Consuming

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Did you know that 9 out of 10 who read the first sentence of your blog post will continue to read the rest?

Hi, my name is Jerry! I'm a PR pro and B2B writer who has helped countless industry experts to get their expertise across—as blog posts.

Drawing from 17+ years of experience, I have developed a storytelling template to make writing complex blog posts fun, easy and fast.

What if I told you… that you, for a limited time, can get your hands on the template that I use to get the job done?

Like many PR- and communication professionals working with B2B, you may be responsible for promoting your organisation's experts. They have much knowledge to share, but transforming those insights into perfect blog posts can be easier said than done.

Getting B2B experts to write blog posts is typically a slow burn with much back-and-forth. The experts might be brilliant at their jobs, but the writing part… it's often a challenge to make it happen.

Here's what I've found: It's best to interview the expert for 15–20 minutes and then write the blog post for them. After such an interview, I can write a blog post in a couple of hours that makes the expert think I'm a wizard.

The process from start to finish took me years to figure out.

But once you know… it's remarkably easy!

And now:

I want to show YOU how you can mass-produce exciting and engaging B2B expert blog posts on any topic—using a proven storytelling template with easy-to-use prompts.

Introducing, The B2B Expert Blog Post Template!

With my template, I will show you how to put together an impressive 1,200+ word B2B expert blog post that will make your thought leaders believe you're a wizard. It's quick, easy and reproducible.

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Here's What You'll Learn…

How to start and finish a B2B expert blog post for maximum engagement and conversion... with some clever tricks!

How to structure a B2B expert blog post using named sub-headers and prompts to keep pushing the narrative forward.

How to leverage The Point of No Return with The Looming Catastrophe to keep readers invested in your message and story.

Why you should focus on The Challenge first and never give away The Solution until the reader's invested in your narrative.

And more!

But It's Not Just the Template… You Also Get a 16-page How-To Guide for Writing Perfect B2B Expert Blog Posts!

While the template is a great visual resource, I've added a How-To Guide with practical tips and secrets to effective blog post writing I've also condensed my writing technique and SEO fundamentals.

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Here's What You'll Learn…

How to write faster than ever before (while having more fun writing at the same time) using The Outlining Method.

How to interview any B2B expert or thought leader using my 12 effective questions.

The simple free tools I use to speed up the process of creating corporate content without ever getting stuck on details.

SEO fundamentals for B2B expert blog posts and why you should focus on writing for humans—not machines!

And more!

Here's Everything You Get…

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The B2B Expert Blog Post Template

Download my B2B expert blog post template and get your story across! ($49 Value)

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The B2B Expert Article How-To Guide

Use the How-To Guide to learn techniques for faster writing, storytelling etc! ($39 Value)

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Demo Blog Post: Content is Not Marketing

See the storytelling template in action and get inspired to write better blog posts! ($11 Value)


Claim a Free Gift With Your Order!

And because you are a first-time customer, when you buy The B2B Expert Blog Post Pro Bundle today, I will also throw in this additional bonus at no additional charge.

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Professional Feedback on 1x Blog Post

($150 Value)

If you use the bundle to write a blog post within 90 days of purchase, you'll be eligable to send it to me personally for professional feedback.


Get The B2B Expert Blog Post Template for just $39 today!

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My "Great PR" Guarantee!

I'm confident you will find my online courses and digital products excellent value for money. I promise you'll be happy with your purchase, or I'll send back every penny you paid.



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